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Summer 1047, when the "Bâtard" became the duc



Thumbnail imageThe author drew on ancient texts, primarily the Roman de Rou by Wace and Chronicles of the Dukes of Normandy by Benoit Saint-Maure (XII century.). He was also influenced by contemporary historians discoveries and observations.
The book contains many illustrations, images from the film of Fabien Drugeon "William, the youth of the Conqueror", maps, drawings, exctracts from the Bayeux Tapestry, tables and photos of the different sites of the battle.

17x24 cm format, this perfect bound booklet glued, sewn, has 48 pages and includes a flexible cover.

It is all translated in English.



  Who to get the booklet?

It is on sale for € 8 at the Tourist Office of Val es Dunes (addresses and opening hours) or by mail.