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Mill of « la Porte »
in Argencess

Thumbnail image Visit of the mill and production of organic flour

In Val es dunes at

the time of William


  The community of municipalities has chosen the name "Val es Dunes, to recall it is in this plain that, in 1047, William, Duke of Normandy, won a major battle against his rebellious barons. This success confirmed the young Duke of Normandy's authority.

  At that time, there was grass of Muance meadows for horses, wood for fire in Argences. The town was a center of wheat production and a place of significant wine production. A mill existed on the site of the mill of "La Porte" and William naturally camped nearby before the battle.


  There, the Tourist Office, an emanation of the Community of Communes, decided to organize medieval festivals in 2007 (3.000 visitors), 2008 (5.000 visitors), 2010 (5.000 visitors) and 2013 (5500 visitors).


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Information from Christian Lechevalier, chairman of the T.O.:

Re-enactment of

a XI c. camp

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About ten specialized companies

Medieval market

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35 exhibitors working materials of the period (Wood, iron, lead, stone etc.), local produce, etc.


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Reconstitution commentée de certaines phases de la bataille de 1047 par des compagnies

Street entertainments

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Games for children

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Equestrian games

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Medieval catering

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Participation of

local shops

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Sung mass

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